Why I’ve started a blog.

I think. A lot. And sometimes I get that feeling that I should write my thoughts down. Not because they are particularly interesting but just because someone might read it and do finds it enjoyable enough.

Now I will tell you something about myself. I am a twenty-something living in a European country. I currently work at a nursery which I enjoy just enough to keep working there. I have been in a relationship since I was 18 and I am quite keen on the idea of getting married. I would like to have a baby very soon aswell. And since you don’t know me I can tell you: we’ve started trying just very recently.

Anyway, this blog is not supposed to be a wedding/babies blog. There are enough of those around already. I just want to share my random, daily thoughts with someone. Even if it’s just the internet in general.

I’ve been by myself all day because my boyfriend worked the night shift. And now – drumroll – I am going to share what I’ve been doing all day.

I’ve been watching One Direction videos on YouTube all day long. Reminder: I am a twentysomething. How sad am I!